The Book

Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana is the story of a young boy who cries and throws tantrums to get what he wants. When an unwise purchase results in a broken arm, Jimmy’s parents turn to the book of Proverbs for wisdom. They discover that a firm “No” is foundational in parenting. A spoiled banana spurs Jimmy’s decision to grow up. Little Jimmy kicks off the Proverbial Kids series, followed by Captain Curious and the Invisible Boundary Line and Look-at-Me Lucy and the Rearview Mirror.

“Jimmy is cute when he’s little, but as he gets older—not so much.”

  • Katherine, 6

“He acts just like my little brother. Spoiled.”

  • Jeremiah, 8

“… a true winner and a must-read for parents. The value of the word ‘no’ is underrated today and this story is a great reminder to all of the power and value of this simple word.”

  • Cheryl Markland, Senior Consultant Childhood Evangelism and Discipleship,

Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

“Karen so delightfully uses the truths in Proverbs to demonstrate the blessing of providing consistent instruction paired with discipline. The endearing illustrations are as captivating as the storyline itself.”

-Lynn Bailey, M.A.Ed.
27 Year Public Educator, NC


“These books have just the right amount of coaching and encouragement to help me as a parent train my children in God’s ways, while still being exciting and relevant to kids today so that they will sit and listen. As a mom, all I could hope for is that my time snuggled up with my child and a good book, to be time that reinforces the character I want to develop in my children.

I also love the vocabulary, who doesn’t love to say gargantuan?!”

-Jane Cannon, Homeschool Mother of 5
Asheville, NC


“Gifted author and illustrator Karen Holcomb distills vitally relevant principles from the Bible in such a way that is engaging, humorous, and original! I highly recommend these children’s books with exceptional parental nuggets to benefit both kids and parents!”

-Dan Page, DMin Discipleship & Evangelism
NC Pastor, Father of 6

Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana

Little Jimmy and the Spoiled Rotten Banana